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Built with AudioKit

A wide variety of apps use AudioKit. Here’s a small sampling. Hopefully, it will spark your creativity!
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Accordo, powered by AudioKit, is a retro inspired chord machine in the vein of the Suzuki Omnichord by Charlie Lesoinein…


2017 Apple Design Award Winner

Blackbox is the #1 Indie game for the iPhone by Ryan McLeod, and it is now powered by AudioKit! Adding these new sonic interfaces, paired with careful haptic feedback, means Blackbox is now accessible to almost everyone.

Big Bug

Big Bug is a new game built with AudioKit. It’s very fun and has a nice sound track (obviously!). It’s free, check it out!


With simple gestures, play music in the air. Clay is a hand-controlled music player – launch the app, choose songs you love and conduct with your hands free.

DrumKnee 3D

DrumKnee 3D is an iPhone/iPad app built with AudioKit that lets you play drums with your foot. Put it on your knee and kick it…


AudioKit provides Fretuoso with a more solid audio foundation which will pave the way for some exciting new features…


Simple, intuitive, playful, powerful and innovator… Fonofone, an application for musical creation education…


HOWL is a beautiful vocoder/synthesizer for iOS. It uses formants to simulate the human voice and a pitch-space keyboard to help you find interesting melodies.

Jam Looper

A simple and fun way to create music. Featuring smart automatic looping, multiple channels, volume control and channel fx.


A key aware musical instrument designed for composers, performers and producers to assist with making music with unfamiliar…

Light Rider

Light Rider lets you control your DMX lights. They are using AudioKit for beat detection and MIDI input detection…

Loop Maker

Loop Maker uses AudioKit to power its low-latency drum machine and includes 5 sample packs…


Chris Mendez and his team created an instrument app for kids using AudioKit for the non-profit radio station KUSC…

McDonald’s McTrax

McDonald’s has introduced a high-tech, musical placemat using AudioKit—it’s a groundbreaking music production station.


Calvin Flegal released “NoteCollider”, an AudioKit-powered iPhone and iPad app that allows you to generate music and sound based on physics.


Ops is a modular synthesizer designed to make it easy to create and explore sound interactively with a touch screen…


Featured by Apple

Pitch is an amazing Tuner app featured by Apple in the App Store. Powered by AudioKit, this app has been called “the best tuner in the app store”


Tuner | Metronome | Drone.
Simple & Beautiful All-In-One Practice Tool.
Minimal, single-screen interface.


Tapt is a musical puzzle game. Tap along to a song, and try to get the rhythm as correct as you can. The better you do, the more…


A tuner, metronome, and a tone generator all on one screen. A perfect toolkit for all musicians.

Zero to Z

Created by Vlad Semkin, ZERO to Z is an abstract minimalist meditation game where you grow connections to make progress…

Listed Alphabetically. Did you build an app with AudioKit? Email us and we’ll add your app!