NEW: Simmons Drum App 2 – Made & Powered by AudioKit!

The Simmons Drum App 2 (demonstrated above by Pocket Queen) is not just powered by AudioKit—it was even developed by AudioKit Pro! The development project was spearheaded by AudioKit Pro co-founder Aure Prochazka, in collaboration with Max Maksutovic.

Designed to support the new Titan 70, Titan 50, and Titan 20 electronic drumsets, the Simmons Drums 2 app offers an extensive display of drum module settings. Users can easily select kits, explore new sounds, modify the mix, adjust trigger settings, and much more. This new app provides a comprehensive and fun user experience for drum sound customization!

Features & Controls:

  • Presets Screen:
    • Swiftly scroll through kits to find your unique sound, jumping with ease from start to end of your list.
  • Kit Edit:
    • Customize each playing surface’s sound, choosing from categories like Snare, Toms, and Hi-Hat, each offering multiple zones.
  • Mix/FX:
    • Offers an integrated digital mixer. Adjust individual drums’ volume, effects, and stereo placement for optimal sound balance.
  • Effects:
    • Global controls adjust processors affecting the whole kit, offering options like reverb programs and EQ settings.
  • Compressor Program:
    • Featuring several preset programs controlling how, and how much, sound is compressed.
  • Practice:
    • Controls for metronome and other practice tools. Adjust the time signature, BPM, and volume to suit your practice needs.
  • Play Along:
    • Practice to your favorite tunes, accessing music from your local files or Apple Music library.
  • Setup:
    • Change trigger settings in your drum module and adjust drum sensitivity, ensuring every hit is captured just right.

Learn more about the New Drums 2 App on the Simmons website.

Got a Titan E-Kit? The app is free in the app store :

NOTE: Requires  Simmons drumkit hardware.

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