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By using any part of or our iOS apps you agree to our terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree, please do not use this site or our apps. AudioKit Pro, LLC (AKPro) reserves the right to change any or all of these terms of use at any time and it is your responsibility at all times to check our terms of use for any changes.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy defines how we collect and use personal information about you that we collect when you use this website or purchase a product shown on this website. So that you can use this website with confidence, AKPro strictly observes the laws protecting your personal information, and it is our highest priority to ensure that this information is collected, used, and managed appropriately. When using this website and our apps, please make sure that you understand this privacy policy, and provide personal information only if you accept the privacy policy.

Collection of personal information
The “personal information” we refer to in this privacy policy means information that identifies you personally, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. This website might collect your personal information when you order a product or service, respond to a sales promotion campaign or offer, register as an AKPro user, or request various types of service. AKPro collects your personal information only when you voluntarily provide it, and when you provide personal information, we understand this to mean that you consent to AKPro using that personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. If you do not consent to this, please do not provide any personal information.

We do not share your personal information
AKPro and the core-team members do not share your personal information with any third party without your consent. AKPro members who have built the apps you use may contact you with information about other apps you may want to use. AKPro may provide your personal information if we are ordered to do so in accordance with the laws of the applicable country.

Use of collected personal information
When we collect personal information, we clearly state the purpose for which we collect it. We use the collected information only as necessary to fulfill the purpose that we specified when collecting the information.

Access log files
AKPro uses access log files to analyze app and website usage trends, site management, user trends, and broad demographic data. From this data, we are able to obtain overall site usage data such as the pages that were visited, the time spent on each page, the immediately preceding location from which the site was accessed, how users transition between pages, and the browser and operating system that are used.

Linked sites
This website includes links to various external sites, but we do not have the same privacy policy as those sites. AKPro has no responsibility for how linked external sites handle your personal information, so please be sure to read the privacy policies of those sites.

In order to provide you with better service, this website may allow you to register personal information as necessary. When registering your personal information, AKPro uses encryption technologies such as SSL (https), and we make every effort to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of this data to the outside.

AKPro will not provide your private information to a third party without your consent. However if we receive a legally valid demand from a court, a law enforcement agency, a consumer protection agency, or an agency of similar authority, we will provide information accordingly.

Correcting your information and questions
If your personal information held by AKPro is inaccurate, or if you want the data to be deleted, you can request that the data be corrected, updated, or deleted. Please contact [email protected] for details. If you have any questions about the privacy policy posted on this website, please email [email protected]

Updating our privacy policy
We are free to update this privacy policy at any time. Please check the privacy policy regularly.

Notice of update
This privacy policy was updated on Nov 16, 2017