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Chord View

Needle Tuner
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Tuner Chart History View

Synesthesia AR


visualize the sound around you

Dive into the world of audio with Synesthesia AR, an app that augments how you interact with sound. Whether you’re a musician, a producer, or simply a music enthusiast, Synesthesia AR brings a new dimension to your audio experience by visualizing sound through an array of tools including a Chord Analyzer, Tuner, Spectrogram, Waveform, VU Meter, and Equalizer. Enhanced by the power of AI with CoreML.

  • Chord Analyzer: Unlock the secrets of any chord with AI-driven analysis, displaying names and piano keyboard representations. Perfect for learning, teaching, and composing.
  • Tuner: Stay in tune with a visually stunning needle animation and a chart view for tracking your tuning history.
  • Spectrogram: See your sound with a detailed spectrogram view, revealing the rich textures of audio frequencies over time.
  • Waveform: Get a live oscilloscope-like view of your audio signal, offering a window into the dynamics of your music.
  • VU Meter: Gauge the amplitude of your incoming signal with a simple, intuitive display.
  • Analyzer: Visualize your audio’s frequency spectrum in real-time.

we want to hear from you

Built on the robust foundation of open-source software by AudioKit, this early release of Synesthesia AR is just the beginning. We’re excited to collaborate with you to expand our visualizer toolkit and explore other advanced features. Your feedback is instrumental in shaping the future of Synesthesia AR, making it a truly community-driven endeavor.

Synesthesia app with all visualizers in dark living room
Synesthesia with multiple visualizers open


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