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AudioKit is the leading open-source audio framework powering millions of app installs. AudioKit allows developers to quickly add professional audio functionality to iOS, macOS, and Apple Watch apps.

AudioKit is the developer’s choice. It’s lovingly used by startups, indie developers, Apple Design Award Winners, and even Fortune-100 companies. Did we mention it’s completely FREE and OPEN-SOURCE?

On this site, we’re highlighting cool things that AudioKit Professionals build and features and getting started links for AudioKit. Once you’re convinced to join us, head on over to the developer documentation site at audiokit.io.

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ROM Player

Sample-based Music Instrument

  • Make your own Instrument
  • MIDI input for notes & on-screen “Piano” keyboard
  • Reverb, Bitcrush, AutoPan, Stereo Fatten, more…
  • Free & Open-source code written in Swift

“99% of developers should be using AudioKit” 

Michael Tyson, creator of Audiobus & Loopy

Built by AudioKit Pros

A Sampling of Apps Built with AudioKit


2017 Apple Design Award Winner

Blackbox is the #1 Indie game for the iPhone by Ryan McLeod, and it is now powered by AudioKit! Adding these new sonic interfaces, paired with careful haptic feedback, means Blackbox is now accessible to almost everyone.


HOWL is a beautiful vocoder/synthesizer for iOS. It uses formants to simulate the human voice and a pitch-space keyboard to help you find interesting melodies.


Featured by Apple

Pitch is an amazing Tuner app featured by Apple in the App Store. Powered by AudioKit, this app has been called “the best tuner in the app store”

Karaoke Game

Featured by Apple

The talented developers at SingOn proudly use AudioKit for the audio engine, filters, effects, and more. Really awesome job, featuring one of the largest selections of songs in the app store…

McDonald’s McTrax

McDonald’s has introduced a high-tech, musical placemat using AudioKit—it’s a groundbreaking music production station.


Ops is a modular synthesizer designed to make it easy to create and explore sound interactively with a touch screen…

AudioKit Synth One

AudioKit Synth One is a full-featured FREE & OPEN-SOURCE iPad and AUv3  synthesizer app built with AudioKit.

Includes MIDI support, sequencer, vintage analog filters, expressive arpeggiators, warm analog delays, 100+ presets, and more…

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