Blackbox - Apple Design Winner
Blackbox is the #1 Indie game for the iPhone by Ryan McLeod, and it is now powered by AudioKit!

Blackbox is the #1 Indie game for the iPhone by Ryan McLeod, and it is now powered by AudioKit!

Below is what Ryan writes about the new audio update for the puzzle game, but I also wanted to write a personal note here saying that I’ve been working with Ryan on this update and he’s an absolutely amazing person to work with. A great programmer, persistent and calculating, and super creative. It’s been a real treat and I’m just as proud of this release of Blackbox as Ryan is!

Anyway, here’s what Ryan has to say:

So you think Blackbox is hard eh? Have you ever tried playing with your eyes closed?

This update brings sonic interfaces to Blackbox. An entirely new dimension of clues and dynamic feedback that infuse new life into all 71 challenges. But this is about more than replacing the previous few sounds that I made with my mouth and laptop. Adding these new sonic interfaces, paired with careful haptic feedback, and countless accessibility enhancements mean Blackbox is now accessible to almost everyone regardless of their needs. Did I mention the sounds are also just wicked cool?

So what’s a sonic interface? Well for the last year nearly 3.5 million people have played Blackbox solely using their eyes. For the over 258 million people worldwide with visual impairments, including blindness, the game was more or less a literal Blackbox. The sonic interfaces paired with Voice Over and haptic feedback create an entirely alternative interface for Blackbox that doesn’t require vision at all. So now, whether you use dynamic type sizing to read small text, text-to-speech to hear content, or are fully blind you can enjoy the same loving suffering that is Blackbox.


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