Skoog Music & Skoog Skratch, Built with AudioKit

Skoog is the internationally acclaimed instrument intended to bring music-making to people of any ability- or disability. It’s a fun and tactile addition to any classroom, studio, classroom or home collection.

The Skoogmusic iPad interface software for the Skoog 2.0 hardware controller (TechCrunch article) proudly uses AudioKit. Skoogmusic connects to your Skoog, assigns scales, instruments, sensitivity settings and backing tracks. Skoogmusic automatically selects the best notes for your Skoog so you can play along with any song in your iTunes library or with your Spotify premium account. That’s not all- Skoogmusic uses physical modeling synthesis to generate instrument sounds based on input from the Skoog.

Plus, they have a brand new app Built with AudioKit, Skoog Skratch!

Skoog Skratch is a fully VoiceOver accessible sampling app for iOS, designed for use on its own or with Skoog 2.0 Bluetooth music controller. Connect your Skoog, and use it to play your own samples recorded straight into the app using the microphone on your iOS device.

Once you’ve recorded your Skratch-sets, you can share them between devices really easily. You can record sounds on your iPhone when out in the park, then airdrop them to your iPad back at home or at school to start playing with your Skoog.

Wow- Simply awesome instrument and apps!

Congrats on the amazing apps, Skoog!

Check out their website now:

Skoog Skratch on the App Store:

Skoog Music on the App Store:

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