AudioKit Office Hours #3: Learn DSP Video

Office Hours #3 was a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) deep dive teaching how to create custom AudioKit nodes and how to dig down even deeper to create your own C-level DSP. Video above.

Aure Prochazka (founder of AudioKit) is hosting weekly office hours where he’s doing unrehearsed, unscripted coding sessions on various AudioKit topics.

Office hours will be every SATURday,
7pm PST / 10pm EST time.

Sessions are currently free for everyone to attend.
Use this Zoom Link to attend.
Watch, attend, learn, interact, and talk about music app development!

Since Office Hours is a live stream via Zoom anyone can join and participate and even suggest topics to cover in the coming weeks.

Follow Aure on Twitter for the latest details!
See you every Saturday!

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Any chance of covering Synth? Im currently digging around SynthAudioUnit -> createDSP() in a so far unsuccessful effort to change a synths underlying WaveForm(s)/Table … I watched office hours 3 and the simpler CustomGeneratorDSP tremolo changing its waveform, which was pretty useful, struggling to get my head round the architecture of Synth tho…

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