We had a great time speaking at 360iDev


It was a real honor for Aure and me to speak at 360iDev, the longest-running and largest independent Apple Developer’s conference in the world.

(360iDev was even named the “Best Overall iOS Conference” in the world right after Apple’s own WWDC).

Here’s a summary of our talk:

AudioKit core team members Aurelius Prochazka and Matt Fecher and will be giving a talk at this year’s 360iDev Conference in Denver, CO on August 21, 2016. The talk entitled “Fast, Fun, and Professional Audio in Your Apps will highlight how easy it is to add high-quality, professional audio features to your apps. In addition to their open-source contributions, they have recently been consultants on audio use in new apps for both indie releases and high-profile Swift projects.

With Swift, it’s never been easier to not only add interactive audio to your app, but build professional, robust audio applications. Even though iOS and OSX are rich multi-media environments, app sound is often overlooked and true innovation in audio technology has lagged behind. This talk will show how easy it is to develop audio expertise using Swift playgrounds to learn about audio synthesis, processing, and analysis with real-time audio feedback. We’ll move onto a discussion of how to use audio in apps, from traditional synthesizer emulations and sound-enhanced apps to more innovative applications.

slidesAudio programming can be frustrating, no doubt. However, with the right tools, you can build professional audio features with minimal effort!

This talk also featured:

▲ New and inspiring uses of audio in apps
▲ Demonstrations of the new and popular Swift interactive audio playgrounds
▲ Brand new material and code, exclusive to 360|iDev!

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