AudioKit V3.3 Released and Xcode 8 Support

There are two big changes in AudioKit v3.3. The first is that all the playgrounds have been separated into 6 playgrounds for Basic Tutorials, Synthesis, Playback, Effects, Filters, and Analysis. This allows the playgrounds to a bit more manageable to navigate and easier to focus on what you want to learn about. All the playgrounds default to iOS but can be changed to macOS if that’s what you’re compiling AudioKit for.

AudioKit V3.3 also addresses some sequencing problems people were having with 3.2 and many other bugs. The iOS and tvOS versions can be retrieved from Cocoapods but the macOS version will have to be installed directly. This should be fixed by v3.3.1.

Xcode8 support is available on the “Xcode8-Swift2.3” branch. This will allow you to compile AudioKit in your Xcode8 application, but you can not run playgrounds until we complete the transition to Swift 3.

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