AudioKit V3.4

For AudioKit v3.4 we have switch to the newest version of Swift, Swift 3. This is a change that had far reaching effects through the code base. AudioKit 3.4 requires Xcode8 and for your Swift projects to also be updated to Swift 3. Xcode provides tools for helping you through the process.

The target for the AudioKit for iOS project is iOS10. This allows the playgrounds, which use an iOS10 simulator to work. The framework is compiled for iOS9, so that is our minimum supported operating system. If you prefer to use the xcodeproj file instead of the framework, remember to set the target operating system appropriately.

We have several works in progress and we now share a good amount of our to-do list using Githubs’ new project boards, and we’re opening up our Slack group to serious developers as well, so now is the perfect time to start contributing and collaborating with us.

Thanks to everyone for their patience through the Xcode8/Swift3 process and here’s to the future!

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