Digitalism 2000 Released, #5 of our 10 Limited Edition Apps

We’re excited to release our latest Limited Edition app, Digitalism 2000.

DIGITALISM 2000 is a new Vintage Synth Module featuring exclusively recorded sounds from digital synths of the early 2000s. Over 1,000+ individual samples were recorded from hardware synths and processed to perfection.

It’s available now for an intro price of only $2.99! This thing is *packed* with great sounds. It was going to have an intro price of $4.99. However, with the pandemic, we wanted to give it away for only a few bucks to help out where we can.

Learn more about the Digitalism 2000 app here.

Includes iPhone & iPad version
Only $2.99 for a limited time

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Meanwhile the best Synth ever. Go ahead like this. Feed like a Little Boy in a Candyshop with the Digi2000.
Once again congratulations,
Mike from Hamburg Germany

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