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10 Limited Edition Bonus apps

Years ago, since first coding AudioKit Synth One, we’ve dreamed of making a series of “limited edition” instruments. We’ve always been inspired by the Jupiter-8. There were only around 3,000 units made. But it changed music forever. How could we do that for you?

Over the past years, we’ve been creating a series of 10 different special apps. They are “limited edition” because they’ll only be available for a short window of time (2 weeks). But once you get the apps, they’ll be yours for life!

NOTE: We’ve listened to your emails. During the pandemic, limited edition apps will now be available for 3 FULL MONTHS each. Plus, all limited edition apps released during 2020-21 will be released for a few days in future years. That way, if you miss one, you’ll still have an opportunity to get it next year.

These “bonus” apps will hopefully elevate your music in a unique way. Collect them all!
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Bass 808 Synth

#1 of 10 (SOLD OUT)
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Ended Fri, June 12th

Retro Piano

#2 of 10 (SOLD OUT)

Ended Aug 31st


#3 of 10 (SOLD OUT)

Ended Aug 31st, 2020

Analog Rhythm 909

#4 of 10 (HERE NOW!)



#5 of 10

Coming Tues
Jan 19th, 2021

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Answers to your questions about this new limited series.

What happens if I get a new iPhone or iPad?
The limited edition apps you have already have will remain in the app store. You’ll always be able to download them for free on current and new devices as long as you use the same iTunes account.

What happens after the app drop time availability is over?
The apps will remain in the App Store so that you may download updates. After the “app drop”, the price in the app store will go to a high price tier ($99.99) so no new people will buy it. As long as you keep the same iTunes account, you may download updates and copies to new devices, no extra charge!

Will the apps still be updated?
The apps will be updated for new iOS versions, to ensure that your limited edition apps continue to work as iOS technology progresses.

After the limited edition time, why do you raise the price and not remove it from the store?
We do not want anyone to pay the high price. Apple does not allow an app to be in the app store without being available to new users. They recommended we raise the price to a level that no one would pay. Thus preventing new people from purchasing and allowing users who purchased it to download for free if they get a new iOS device. By keeping it in the store, it allows musicians who bought it on time to continue to download free updates and copies to their current and future devices.

Will the apps support iPhone?
We will try to make most of these apps universal. If you get the iPad version, you’ll get the iPhone version free!

Will there be open-source? 
We plan on open-sourcing as much as we can. Some of the code developed for this app has already been added to AudioKit, for all developers to use in their projects, free of charge.

Can I transfer the app to another person?
Currently, Apple does not allow that. However, whomever has access to your Apple ID/iTunes account can use the app.

Are you still working on your existing apps?
Yes! We are still working on improving all our apps. The technology developed as a part of these limited edition apps will help improve all our apps.

Will you release the apps again in the future?
We’ll try to release the apps for a short window at least once a year for those who might have missed them the first time. Join our mailing list to get emailed when they’re released!

More questions? Email us.

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope these new bonus apps will be as fun for you as they are for us to make them. Stay creative and healthy,