Audio Developers and Music Tech Legends at Apple’s WWDC 2019


This year’s WWDC AudioKit Meetup was all about bringing together music / programming legends with young audio programmers who are already making a lot of noise in the industry.

We had a great time relaying stories to each other that ranged from describing automation solutions that existed before MIDI was created to conveying excitement over various technologies that were announced this week!

Paul Lipnyagov (Drum Pads 24), Izzy Briant (Tunesome), Aure Prochazka (AudioKit founder), Daniel Kuntz (Coda), Grant Emerson (Modulin

AudioKit tries to have meetups every NAMM and WWDC at least, and usually have a presence at most conferences, so if you want to meet us let us know when and where!

Daniel Kuntz (Coda), Aure Prochazka (AudioKit), Taylor Holliday (Audulus), Pat Scandalis (GeoShred/MoForte), Paul Lipnyagov (Drum Pads 24), Don Lewis (LEO), Geert Bevin (Moog/Linnstrument), Craig Linssen (Apple), Tim Thompson (KeyKit), James McCartney (SuperCollider), Grant Emerson (Modulin), Roger Linn (Legend), Izzy Briant (TuneSome)

WWDC Scholarship Winner
& AudioKit Developer Grant Emerson
shares his experience:

Pictured center: Grant Emerson

I had an amazing time at the 2019 WWDC audio developer meetup. Often times throughout the conference week, the event can feel a bit overwhelming and chaotic. The time we spent talking about personal projects, musical endeavors, and future API changes reminded me of the real reason why WWDC exists. Itʼs a place to form lasting relationships and learn from the experience of fellow developers.

Overall, the lunchtime meeting was extremely inspirational. I was encouraged by meeting fellow developers who share a passion for music and who have largely followed a similar path of struggles and bugs in order to create some amazing applications.

Paul Lipnyagov, Don Lewis, and Roger Linn sharing a laugh 

I was also intrigued by the stories that Roger Linn and other pioneering audio developers told about the origins of audio tech. I had read about the CCRMA at Stanford before but never realized how integral their role was on forming modern synthesis techniques such as FM. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity that Aure and Roger Linn invited me to take part in.

I look forward to seeing how the AudioKit community expands along with the diverse and global community of musicians that are enriched with the insight necessary to form new and revolutionary platforms.

Aure Prochazka (founder of AudioKit) with Linnstrument and Moog Developer Geert Bevin

Note from Aure:
AudioKit sometimes makes appearances at conferences.
If you want to meet us, let us know when and where!

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