Free App: Tunesome, Built with AudioKit by Izzy Briant!


Tunesome is an awesome 3-in-1 app with useful tools for musicians in one compact and easy package.

London-based musician Isabel “Izzy” Briant built the app in her spare time using AudioKit. The app features a convenient tuner, a metronome for practicing, and even a simple synthesizer!

Izzy shared “I love being a developer. I wanted to combine my passions of iOS development and music into one project, and share it with others”.

Developer Izzy Briant giving a presentation on her app in London

Izzy mentioned that her motivation to create Tunesome was to combine a tuner and metronome into one app – two tools that she often uses for practice and rehearsals.

“AudioKit provides so much potential for developers to be creative with music apps and to make some really cool things. Thank you!” – Developer Izzy Briant

Tunesome is now available in the app store.

How does it work behind the scenes?

Looking to make your own app with AudioKit? Izzy shared some tips to help. Here’s how she did it:

  • The tuner uses AKMicrophoneTracker object to track the frequency
  • AudioKit allowed her to use frequency analysis from the device microphone to create the tuner. She also used AudioKitUI to display the waveform of the microphone input visually. 
  • The metronome uses a Timer with some extra calculations based around CFAbsoluteTime to prevent it from drifting

  • The synth is useful as a tone generator and demonstrates how waveforms can be combined to create sounds of different timbres.
  • Izzy plans to add more features to the synth to allow the user to create sounds with more flexibility, including switching the waveform of each oscillator, filters, ADSR, and effects such as reverb, delay etc.

You can follow Izzy on twitter here:

Great job, Izzy!

Learn more about Tunesome:

Download Tunesome:

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