Limitless Music Generator: BGEM, Built with AudioKit!


Los Angeles based Musician Gavin Kwon and developer Key Lukin have been working diligently on an iOS app using AudioKit called BGEM. The app is now available in the App Store!

BGEM is designed to provide you with seamless, natural, and refreshing background music that you can listen to anytime in your daily life.

What does it do?

BGEM is a music generator. It assembles music elements on the fly from a database of music composed by Gavin. Then the app generates and plays the new background music limitlessly.

How does it work?

  • Modern songs, in general, consist of individual music elements such as instruments, vocal, or sound effects.
  • BGEM groups the song parts, then assembles them in real time to create new music that is unexpected, and sometimes even whimsical fun.

They are currently working to expand their musical database. As it grows, users will experience even more original streams of music with BGEM.

Gavin would like to thank the people who contribute to the AudioKit framework for making it possible for him to make this music app.

Great job Gavin & Key!

Learn more about BGEM: BGEM

Download BGEM:

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This is very cool! I wrote a rock opera (free at wherein rock music was illegal and the only thing you could listen to was computer generated jazz. That’s pretty much what BEGM is! I’m enjoying it.

Not available in Australian iTunes store. 8(

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