AudioKit Contributor Cem Olcay Releases StepBud: AUv3 MIDI Sequencer


AudioKit core-team member Cem Olcay has released several awesome apps. Additionally, he’s contributed open-source code & tools that will help you build your own music apps.

His latest app, StepBud, is a MIDI sequencer with unlimited steps. You can assign chords or notes in any scale and a key or create your custom notes. And, you can even edit rate, gate time, velocity, modulation, pitch bend, portamento and repeat count of each step.

Plus, it’s built with AudioKit.

Cem said that fellow AudioKit team-member Gene De Lisa’s AUv3 MIDI programming tutorials were key to making his AUv3 apps.

There’s so much more that StepBud can do. Visit the StepBud website to get the full scoop.


Here’s a sampling of some of his past apps you may want to explore:

Cem Olcay Releases ScaleBud, New AUv3 MIDI Chord & Scale Tool

Cem Olcay Releases ArpBud, a New iOS MIDI Sequencer Arpeggiator

ChordBud, Built with AudioKit. Plus, Source Code Included…

Plus, you can see a full list of his Github repos here:

Don’t forget to support Cem’s work! Download StepBud now on iTunes:

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