Code Examples: Exploring 12 New Mini Projects

AudioKit contributor and developer Nick Culbertson (Moby Pixel) is back. And this time, he’s going to 11! Check out these eleven new free AudioKit code examples, including: samplers, arpeggiator, visualizers and more great stuff.

0:00 Intro
0:42 SoundFont Player
2:25 SpriteKit & AudioKit
2:43 Recording Sampler
3:28 LFO Timer
3:58 AppleSampler ADSR Envelopes
4:33 DunneAudioKit Sampler
5:06 AppleSampler vs. DunneSampler
6:33 DunneAudioKit Synth
7:55 Arpeggiator
8:45 AUv3 MIDI Generator
9:23 AUv3 Effect 

And check out his YouTube shorts mentioned in his video:

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