NEW Free Code! Tonic Music Theory Library & SwiftUI Keyboard Released

AudioKit is very happy to announce the release of two new open-source libraries that everyone can use in their music apps for free.

The first release is the Tonic Music Theory library. It’s easily installed with Swift Package Manager and supports iOS, MacOS, tvOS, watchOS, and even Linux.

“Other music libraries seemed to be designed for ear training apps solely, whereas we wanted Tonic to be able to used in any kind of music app. Instead of just letting the programmer utilize music theory, Tonic describes whatever musical notes you give it and tries to describe it using music theory” says Aurelius Prochazka, creator of AudioKit and co-creator of Tonic.

The second release is a SwiftUI Keyboard that gives everyone access to not only piano-style keyboards, but isomorphic and piano roll style keyboards as well.

“In our view, these sorts of things should be common things the community can use instead of everyone having to reimplement their own keyboard and music theory implementations”, says Taylor Holliday, second-biggest contributor to AudioKit and co-creator of Keyboard and Tonic. Taylor also wrote the excellent PianoRoll library and is famous for his modular synth app, Audulus.



Learn more about AudioKit code here.

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