NERD Synth A2x is a virtual analog synth inspired by the sounds of the classic red A1 synth. Works on your iPhone, iPad, and mobile AUv3 plug-in for DAWs like GarageBand for iPad.

Hey Everyone,
I’m super excited to share our latest creation with you all – it’s the boldest “pure” synth AudioKit’s launched since Synth One. For nearly two decades, I’ve been a devoted fan of Nord synths, and even have an A1 on my phone’s home screen. Their groundbreaking work has always fueled my creativity, but I wanted to create something fresh for mobile, not just follow in their footsteps.

So, we cooked up NERD Synth. It’s got a bit of that cool, “cold” virtual-analog A1 vibe, but with a twist of simplicity and knob-per-function action, kind of like the NL1 & NL2. But to set the record straight, it’s not a clone of anything out there, nor does it have ties to Clavia & Nord.

It’s designed to give you that classic red synth tone that’s been missing from mobile. And, it might sound a bit different to you if you’ve only experienced “warm” sounding virtual analog synths.

Before you buy, you can explore a range of sound demos here to discover if NERD Synth speaks to you. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay.

At the end of the day, I’m just stoked about this app. Whether it becomes a hit or not, I’m proud of it, and I hope you’ll dig it too. And it’s only $5, including everything.

Thanks for being here and for all your support. It means a ton.

Get NERD Synth now for iPhone & iPad:

Price: Only $4.99
All 450+ presets, plus includes iPhone, iPad, and mobile AUv3 version

Learn more and watch videos on the official NERD Synth page.

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