NEW APP: King of Digital, EPIC Synth w/ 900+ Presets of Fun!

Hey Everyone,
So, it’s been a wild ride of about 6 years since we dived headfirst into the mad world of music apps with Digital D1, AudioKit’s first paid music app. We were fairly new to a lot of concepts, and AUv3? That was like sci-fi to us.

It’s been a long journey, and it feels like I’ve racked up enough experience to earn what feels like a PhD in music app-making. There’s been lots of late nights to create all those little apps. It’s been a tough gig, but hey, I’m still standing.

As many of you old school folks remember – D1 launched launched ages ago with a little over 300 presets. People loved the retro sounds, the dual filters, stacked views, and great presets.

More and more people contributed, and I’ve been secretly recording and gathering sounds for the D1 sequel. It’s kind of crazy to think that King of Digital is dropping with

Brace yourselves…

900 presets!

The new sounds are pretty epic. And the old ones are like a time machine through the past six years of iOS Music, with legendary presets from Brice Beasley, DMT Cymatics, Moby Pixel, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Electronisounds, Sound of Izrael, rs2000, Mitch the AudioDabbler, Brian Funk, and more.

Creating a new app inspired by an old one presented unique challenges. One funny one – During the testing phase, I discovered that some presets in King of Digital sound different from D1, no matter what I tried. This was because some of the original samples in D1 weren’t playing back correctly! So for some of you, this will be the first-time experiencing the original D1 PCM Sounds as they were truly meant to be heard.

I toyed with the idea of slicing up these PCM Cards and presets into pricey in-app goodies. But you know what? Scrap that. You get the whole dang thing, all in one.

As a gift to the iOS music app community. I’m offering the complete package – The full, uncut experience is yours for just $3.99. So, if this is interests you at all, grab it before I come to my senses and raise the price. Which could sooner than later.

Learn more on the official King Digital page.

Get KING OF DIGITAL now for iPhone & iPad:

This might be the best deal in iOS Music history?
All 900+ Presets, 5 PCM cards of 3+ Gigs of Original Sounds, and 12 Sound banks included!

Learn more and watch videos on the official King of Digital page.

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