Audio Programmer Meetup – How to make a Sampler Synth with AudioKit

Nick’s part starts around 48 minutes into the video.

AudioKit team member Nick Culbertson (Moby Pixel) demonstrated how to build a sample-based app with AudioKit at The Audio Programmer monthly meetup. This live demo features him sampling his ukulele, then making an app with it!

The meetup also features a talk by Prashant Mishra on how game and movie companies can automate animation by syncing voice and text.

The Audio Programmer provides wonderful resources including a discord, tutorials and monthly meetups. We recommend you check them out.

Plus, watch this exclusive interview we did with Josh Hodge, founder of the Audio Programmer where he gives you some inspiring advice, tips, and secrets for would be audio programmers.

Watch more tutorials from Nick here.

Learn more about AudioKit code here.

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