Audio Dev Interview // Ep6: Learn Audio Programming (C++, VST, JUCE) with Josh Hodge

Do you want to learn how to make VSTs? Do you want to learn the development framework that companies like Korg, Moog, and Audio Damage use to make their iOS apps? Josh Hodge wants to teach you. There’s no catch. All his tutorials are free.

Hear his amazing story. You’ll barely believe it — He was an internationally touring DJ. Now, he’s a well-respected teacher of audio programming. They even show his videos in college classes!


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:28 Join 400 other audio programmers in the discord group
  • 2:25 The crazy story how the Audio Programmer learned to program
  • 4:20 Is it more exciting being a pro DJ or Audio Programmer? The answer will surprise you!
  • 6:46 What’s a super important reason musicians might want to learn to code?
  • 8:58 What’s some actionable advice for people who want to learn audio programming?
  • 11:52 Want to get ahead in Audio Programming? Keep it simple.
  • 15:07 What do you think of iOS Music apps?
  • 16:34 Beginners: Don’t be afraid to…
  • 20:40 Perhaps the best advice is just to …
  • 21:55 Build on your strengths, it’s okay if you don’t know everything
  • 22:17 One of the most important things to understand about learning audio development
  • 25:30 Make your weakness your strength
  • 27:20 Stay humble and hungry to learn
  • 28:38 Secret apps that Josh is making
  • 24:28 What’s your motivation and drive to make these videos?
  • 37:27 What’s it like being an Audio Developer in London, UK?
  • 41:10 Audio Programmer t-shirts
  • 43:01 Final thoughts…

The Audio Programmer Channel (Over 60+ Free Tutorial Videos):…

Audio Programmer Discord Group:

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