Cem Olcay Releases ScaleBud, New AUv3 MIDI Chord & Scale Tool


AudioKit core-team member Cem Olcay has created several awesome apps.

His latest app, ScaleBud, is an AUv3 MIDI Plugin and stand-alone app for iPhone & iPad. You can use it for creating chords and staying in scale. Cem describes Scalebud as a music theory tool for composers, artists and learners. It has more than 40 most popular scales and counting.

And, it’s proudly built with AudioKit.

ScaleBud features a single-view interface to choose the scale and key you want. Plus, there are note and chord mode selectors on the left side. In note mode, you can quickly jump between notes in the scale by selecting them from the list.

  • In note mode, ScaleBud will filter out off-scale notes.

  • In chord mode, ScaleBud will play chords for the scale you’re working with.

In chord mode, you can see the triad, 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th chords for each note in the scale. You can jump between them quickly by pressing the chord you want to play from keyboard.

Cem said that fellow AudioKit team-member Gene De Lisa’s AUv3 MIDI programming tutorials were key to making this app.

Visit the ScaleBud website to get the full scoop.

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Don’t forget to support Cem’s work! Download ScaleBud now on iTunes:

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