Pure Nature–3D Soundscapes, Built with AudioKit, Featured by Apple


Earth. It’s one of my favorite planets. And, mostly harmless.

Rediscover Earth with an app called Pure Nature–3D Soundscapes. Built with AudioKit, this app features the excellent field recordings of Lang Elliott. Lang has been recording the voices of nature for over thirty years… Talk about experience!

Apple even featured the app on the App Store homepage. And with good reason, Pure Nature boasts 80 pristine binaural soundscapes gathered across America and beyond.

The sounds were chosen primarily for their outstanding spacious and immersive qualities. Perfect for mediation, or connecting with nature.

Developer Mathieu Lescure shared his experience working with AudioKit. He said nice things. That leads me to believe Earth is a pretty good place. (You may also recognize Mathieu as the developer of Fonofone.)

Any tips or lessons learned for new developers who want to add audio to their apps?

Mathieu Lescure: For this app, our needs were really basic, and we started developing the app without AudioKit. But Lang asked us to add an equalizer presets feature, so we naturally turned to AudioKit. The lesson learned is: build your audio app around AudioKit from the beginning and avoid wasting time.

” I honestly think the project would not have been possible without AudioKit.” – Developer Mathieu Lescure

Anything you’d like to say about working with Audiokit?

Mathieu Lescure: We started working with AudioKit about 3 years ago for the app Fonofone. I had no prior experience with audio applications, and I honestly think the project would not have been possible without AudioKit. The client had a prototype of the app developed with CSound but the syntax and the logic of CSound were way too alien for my brain.

AudioKit offered us almost all we needed out of the box and a nice integration with Swift. Later, when we had to implement more advanced audio processing, AudioKit was perfect to let us go deeper in the C/C++ layers progressively. Big thanks to AudioKit for reducing the steep learning curve of audio programming. We are using it really often to test new ideas, and our next project is using it too. I hope to be able to contribute more code in the future.

Congratulations Mathieu, great job!

Learn more about the App:

Download Pure Nature–3D Soundscapes:

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