Free Open-Source Tuner Code, ZenTuner, Built with AudioKit!

Developer JP Simard was frustrated. All the instrument tuner apps he could find on the App Store were either bloated or filled with ads or upsells. And, usually all of the above.

“Within a few hours I had why I wanted. I open sourced it a few days later when I had a bit of free time.”

He took matters into his own hands and created a tuner using AudioKit. He built the whole thing in a matter of hours. Best of all, he’s released the entire source code for you to learn from:

JP let us know his motivation. And, more about building the tuner:

I used a good tuner app for years, but it was never updated for 64 bits, so it stopped working. In the last few months I tried lots of tuner apps from the App Store but pretty much all of them were filled with ads or upsells or just bloated. I wanted something simple. Last weekend I spent some time looking at iOS libraries that could allow me to quickly build a tuner. I found AudioKit and found a sample tuner application. I used that as a starting point. I also looked at Dribbble posts searching for “tuner” and found the Stuner App design. That was just what I had in mind. Within a few hours I had why I wanted. I open sourced it a few days later when I had a bit of free time.

I also took a brief look at using AVFoundation and Accelerate/vDSP for performing the FFT directly but then I quickly went back to AudioKit because I didn’t want to spend ton of time rebuilding the audio analysis part that AudioKit gives me so easily.

Great job, JP!

Download the ZenTuner code:

Download the app in the App Store (Free):

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Looks great. Downloading ASAP!

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