80 New Ambient Digital D1 Presets by SourceCodeX

Great news! Sound designer and ambient music artist SourceCodeX has released 80 great sounding ambient presets for the Digital D1 synth. (Sound demo above).

March 1, 2021 UPDATE:
All 80 presets for the superb AudioKit D1 synth app are now available for $3.99 from SourceCodeX, download them here & also here:  https://gumroad.com/products/XMfsnY/

Download to device. (Unarchive if necessary and copy to your iCloud). Install the json extension bank file into AudioKit D1 app using the “Import” button on the Presets panel in D1.

AudioKit Digital D1 is available for only $4.99 during the pandemic:

P.S. Have you found the secret Robot Voice easter egg in Digital D1?

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