How MOOG Makes Synth Apps: Interview with Geert Bevin, Head of Software at Moog

How does Moog make apps? What does the future hold for iOS music apps? What’s coming next? 

We talked to the Head of Software at Moog Music, Geert Bevin. He’s one of the most talented music app developers in the world. He provides expert tips on building better apps and accurate virtual instruments. Plus, even gives advice to people aspiring to become music software developers.

This is an opportunity to learn from the best!

Quick Links:
0:00 Intro: Meet Geert Bevin, Head of Software Engineering
0:50 What MOOG is working on?
2:11 What it Means to move an iOS App to Mac
2:55 How to make a realistic Synthesizer emulation?
7:39 How to work for a company like MOOG?
16:47 What programming languages / tech should you learn to make music apps?
17:45 What Geert learned from Roger Linn
23:47 Why do you use Apple-centric platforms & tech?
27:04 Any apps coming for Windows?
27:30 Challenges you face making music apps at this level?
30:26 Porting AUv3s from iOS to M1 Silicon Machines
34:06 Whose bug is it: Apple bugs or app dev issues?
36:03 How Beta Testing is handled at Moog
39:40 What’s it like being a developer in the small town of Asheville
43:40 Finding Inspiration + Creativity
45:55 What does M1/Apple Silicon mean for the future of music apps?
51:30 Will users have to pay to get Moog apps on the desktop?
53:18 Music makes people’s lives better
56:10 Final thoughts / advice for App Developers
59:37 Go to WWDC

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