App Developer Interview // Ep2: David Gibson from FutureSonic Talks AUv3 Effects

Ep 02: David Gibson (Bristol, UK) creates inventive and fun AUv3 iOS plugins at FutureSonic. What’s an AUv3 plugin? How do you get started in making audio apps? Dave answers those questions and more.

0:37 – What is AUv3? Why is it so hot right now?

2:28 – Why do you make audio apps?

3:28 – What does someone have to learn to make an AUv3 plugin?

6:18 – What’s the big deal about Open-source?

8:00 – What is FutureSonic?

10:46 – Inspiration for your new AUv3 plugin, FS Refraktor?

13:38 – Advice if you want to make your first Music App

15:30 – More tips for first time App Developers

16:28 – Developer Advice you would tell your younger self

19:55 – Adding Freelance work to the mix

Learn more about Dave’s work at FutureSonic:

FS Refraktor in the app store:

Thanks for watching!

– Matthew

If you’re involved in Audio App Creation and have a new product or update coming out and want to be interviewed for this series, send me an email, [email protected]

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