Dev Interview // Ep7: Andy Bull, from Akai to the LayR iOS Synth

Andy Bull (Glastonbury, UK) has had an amazing career. Before the internet was even invented, he started out writing software for the world famous AKAI Samplers, including the MPC.

Then in the early 2000s, he created a popular shareware synthesizer for the Mac called Cell Synth.

As an app developer, he helped create an app for Disney that won Apple’s coveted “App of the Year” award. Now, he’s using his decades of experience as an engineer and musician to make amazing apps like LayR, an awarding winning iOS Synth that sounds LUSH.

“Don’t let people put you off your vision. Develop a thick skin for criticism. Learn the technical aspects as you go instead of feeling like you need to ‘get it all’ before you begin.” — Andy Bull


0:00 Intro & Inspiration for LayR?
1:42 Working w/ Sound Designers Brice Beasley & Red Sky Lullaby?
3:39 Why the massive LayR update?
4:45 How did you get started making apps?
8:10 Golden advice for those with ideas who want to make apps?
10:00 Working at AKAI?
11:14 Making Music Shareware for Desktop “Back in the Day”
13:57 Apple “App of the Year” Award Winner
14:53 Is the App Store sustainable? Tell us how you really feel
15:45 Passion Projects, Music Making
16:56 Software Andy made for the DX7
18:00 All Marketers are liars
20:02 What’s next for Andy
21:38 AudioBus forum preset creation
22:50 Dealing with bad reviews in the app store
26:15 Do apps need manuals/videos, why don’t all apps have them
28:13 Final Thoughts

Get LayR in the App Store:

Living Memory Software:

Brice Beasley LayR Video:

Red Sky Lullaby LayR Video:

Thanks for watching!

Thanks to @ZenLizard on the Audiobus forum for highlighting some of Andy’s great advice.

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