Dev Interview // Ep8: Paul Batchelor, Creator of Soundpipe & Sporth, SXSW Award-winner

Paul Batchelor started out as a humble musician. He’s since gone on to create the cross-platform music frameworks Soundpipe & Sporth. His code is now used all over the world.

One of the things that make today’s interview so interesting is that Paul was educated in a reverse way from a lot of audio programmers. Paul is a musician first and uses technology to make his music. Now, he goes down to the bare metal of the computer, building things from scratch. He doesn’t use any DAWs or rely on any frameworks he hasn’t built himself. Kind of the ultimate eat-your-own-dog-food audio developer. He makes his own music and his own instruments from scratch.

It’s a fascinating way to make music. He’s not just learning the latest tools created by other people, but rather imagining what he wants, from a musical standpoint, and then building it from the ground up.

If that isn’t enough, he even won this year’s SXSW “Music & Audio Innovation Award” for creating an app that allows you to play music with your eyes.

Writing music frameworks isn’t for fame or fortune. There aren’t many appreciation threads on forums for Paul’s work. However, without his work, millions of users in the app store would not be able to experience music and audio. This interview is for the true music tech nerds. Come geek out with us.

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