App Dev Interview // Ep4: Mathieu Garcia, Creator of BeatMaker 3

Mathieu Garcia is a developer of the hit iOS DAW, BeatMaker 3. Mathieu is one of the original iOS Music Developers – BeatMaker has been in the app store since 2007.

In this interview, Mathieu takes questions submitted by the Audiobus forum, Twitter, and Reddit.

In this fascinating, educational, and enlighting interview, you’ll discover the trials of tribulations of creating one of the original and most important iOS audio production environments.

Quick Jump:

  • 1:28 YouTube channels with BM3 Tutorials
  • 1:54 Famous producers using BM3?
  • 2:50 What kind of music do you listen to?
  • 3:45 Most upvoted question on Reddit
  • 4:34 iPhone vs iPad adoption
  • 5:16 BeatMaker on the Desktop
  • 7:43 If someone gave you $100 million dollars, what would you do?
  • 9:30 What kind of music hardware would you build if you could?
  • 10:44 Turning point in iOS evolution where BM3 was made possible
  • 12:30 Why does the price of BM3 keep changing?
  • 15:30 Work/life balance of an indie developer
  • 16:53 Tell us about Intua/How big is it?
  • 19:17 Tips for making music apps (for beginners)
  • 25:24 Marketing tips for indie developers
  • 26:45 In-app Purchases
  • 28:44 IAP created in-house or contracted
  • 30:04 How Mathieu supports other app developers
  • 31:43 How do you deal with negative user reviews?
  • 34:48 Final thoughts from Mathieu

Thanks to Mathieu for sharing all his incredible knowledge and insight. And, special thanks to all the folks from the Audiobus Forum, Twitter, and Reddit that submitted questions!

Download BeatMaker 3:

Read Mathieu’s Interview with Ashley Elsdon in Create Digital Music:

BeatMaker Community:

YouTube Channels with BM3 Tutorials:

Thanks for watching!

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