App Dev Interview // Ep5: Oliver Greschke, Creator of Elastic Drums & Elastic FX

Oliver Greschke is the creator of Elastic Drums & the new Elastic FX apps. Plus, he’s a developer for the Mouse On Mars apps. In this interview, Oliver talks about being a developer in Berlin, getting started developing with Pure Data, and even advice for new audio app developers.

“Oliver is living the dream as a full-time audio app developer; offering both inspiration and advice for anyone else that would like to make music apps for a living.” –

  • 0:17 Tell us about Elastic FX?
  • 1:09 Can you reveal what you’re working on next?
  • 4:06 Are you a full-time music app developer?
  • 4:48 Do you have marketing tips for indie developers?
  • 6:38 Tips for getting press?
  • 8:24 What music artists would you like see use your apps?
  • 9:06 What’s it like being a developer in Berlin, Germany?
  • 12:55 How did you get started making music apps for iOS?
  • 17:11 What’s your view on documentation? Written, Video, etc?
  • 18:31 What advice do you have for people who want to get started in app development?
  • 23:08 What would you do with 100 million dollars?
  • 24:18 Final Thoughts
  • 24:28 Oliver interviews Matt Fecher about AudioKit. Curious about AudioKit? Watch!

Check out Elastic Drums:

Check out Elastic FX:

Check out Oliver’s YouTube Channel:

Thanks for watching!

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