AudioKit v4.2 Released: Xcode 9.3/Swift 4.1 + New AKSampler and Platform Independent Code


AudioKit 4.2 was officially released today adding support for Xcode 9.3 and Swift 4.1. And, some great new features have been added. AudioKit 4.2 features brand new cross-platform AKSampler code, written from scratch in C++.  This makes an excellent replacement for AVAudioUnitSampler code.

AKSampler is now our own code, not relying on Apple’s sample-playback code. If you still need the features of the old sampler, simply rename your class to “AKAppleSampler” and it should be fine. AKSampler was created by Shane Dunne and he has provided extensive documentation in the Documentation folder. Platform agnostic, the new AKSampler is also available as an Audio Unit v2 plug-in (which can be loaded into e.g. Logic Pro X), and even on Windows as a VST2 plug-in, for use in Windows DAWs such as Steinberg’s Cubase.

Shane has also led the effort to make AudioKit’s DSP code platform independent. He has even created a VST for Windows with AudioKit’s core code. AudioKit has been re-organized to separate code that is platform independent (called “Core”) and that which is Apple only.

Plus, a new Audiobus MIDI example was added.

Known Issues:

  • AKPlayer sometimes not respecting isLooping
  • Broken Physical Models: Drip, Mandolin, Tubular Bells
  • Oscillators seem to be on by default (see oscillator synth playground for instance)
  • Broken Playgrounds: Microtonality, those for the models above, some Sporth examples, Exporting Files, MIDI Chord Generator

Get AudioKit 4.2 on Github

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