Dev Interview: Michael Tyson, Creator of Audiobus, Loopy, & The Amazing Audio Engine…

Michael Tyson is one of the single most important people in the iOS Music world. He changed history.

Before Audiobus, music apps could not communicate with each other. Audiobus was the precursor to technologies such as Inter-app Audio (IAA) and AUv3 plug-ins.

Plus, musicians including Robert Plant (from legendary rock band, Led Zepplin) and Billy Joel have used his apps on national TV.

Michael also created The Amazing Audio Engine (TAAE). TAAE was a popular framework used to create audio apps. His work helped build countless music apps. In fact, Michael’s code is still used by AudioKit today, allowing the next generation of developers to add advanced music functionality to apps.

Equally important, he gave the community a voice and central hub to exchange ideas via the AudioKit Forum. The Audiobus forum is the largest and most active public forum of iOS musicians on the planet.


0:00 Awesome Intro to Michael & Audiobus
0:57 Your apps have been featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And, played by some of the most iconic musicians in history. How does it feel to see musical icons use your apps?
2:30 Did you see an increase in sales when Loopy was played on Television?
3:41 Was that a one time thing? Or, has it happened again?
4:04 Origin of SampleBot
5:06 How did The Amazing Audio Engine (TAAE) come about?
6:52 Audiobus, what was your motivation to create something that had never been done?
9:41 Will Apple even allow what you were working on… What if you wasted a year of your life?
11:58 Audiobus vs Loopy, which has been downloaded more/most successful?
13:13 You meet people in the street who know what Loopy is?
13:53 What tips do you have for people who want to get started making Audio Apps?
15:18 Of all the things you’ve made, what are you most proud of?
15:45 The Audiobus forum has become the central hub for all things iOS music-making. What draws everyone to the Audiobus Forum?
16:50 As a pioneer of iOS music, you have unique insight. Where is iOS Music going in 2 years?
18:14 What would you like to see in iOS development tools in 2 years?
19:49 Were your music apps inspired by your own music-making goals?
20:47 What would you build if someone gave you $1 million dollars and said you could work on anything that you wanted?
23:34 Were you born an audio programmer? How did you get to this point?
24:35 Audiobus shows continued evolution. In what areas would you like to see Apple help improve iOS music making development and how would this help AB evolve further?
25:44 How do you switch off? What activities do you do besides iOS Development?
26:19 Will we ever see an app like Sunflower on iOS?
26:46 Do you think iOS Music-making has a longterm future, specifically 5 years from now?
27:05 Would you continue making music apps if iOS no longer becomes viable?
27:49 What do you want to be doing 20 years from now?
28:46 What are some of your musical influences?
29:55 Have you seen any of your influences/music inspirations use your apps? (Imogen Heap)
31:38 What apps did you make before Loopy & Audiobus?
33:54 Did you have a day job before you left for your RV trip / app-making adventure?
35:16 What was the inspiration for The Amazing Audio Engine?
36:19 Advice for developers for dealing with bad reviews in the app store?
38:04 Michael’s Final thoughts for everyone




Audiobus Forum:

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