AudioKit Swift Examples


Special thanks to Matt Fecher (@goFecher) for taking the initiative to port all of the AudioKit Examples that weren’t already in Swift to Swift. In particular he created the following projects:

  • Binaural Audio
  • Continuous Control
  • Effects Processor Demo
  • Play Audio File
  • Sequences
  • Table Demo
  • Touch Regions

Matt, you rock!

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I have multiple audio tracks. I am playing those tracks as single audio track using the AVAudioEngine. I want to save the Mixed audio track in the document directory using Audiokit or by using other process in the .mp3 format. please give suggestions. if possible sample code also.

Thank you

Hey there!

You’ll get the best results if you post your coding questions on Stack Overflow and tag it “AudioKit”.

Best of luck,
— Your friends at AudioKit

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