Whiskeyshot eHarpsichord: Built with AudioKit ROM Player!

San Francisco Musician Jeff Sapiro has made a nice sounding Harpsichord iPad app, with a catchy tagline. “Whiskeyshot eHarpsichord: Sampled electric harpsichord, for the price of a shot of whiskey“. Even though he’s new to app development, he was able to use the Free AudioKit ROM Player code template to make his first music app.

“The instrument is a late 60s Baldwin Electric Harpsichord, which has two pickups and I recorded them to the stereo channels separately.

It’s useful with this instrument to have stereo output because the pickups pick up different sides of the keyboard and have different timbres, so the two can be mixed/panned together through an amp or two amps for different sounds. Which is exactly how I do it with the real instrument.” — Jeff Sapiro, App Creator

Whiskeyshot eHarpsichord is now available in the app store:

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