NEW APP: SNESynth – Super Fun 16-Bit Chiptune Synth

Make your music stand out with real 16-bit retro video game power.

SUPER NINJA ENTERTAINMENT SYNTH is a SUPER FUN chiptune synth for your iPhone & iPad! This app uses “real” synthesis, including Pulse Width Modulation (the secret to great retro video game sounds) along with over 2,500+ new samples recorded just for this app!

You can combine the synth with samples from real retro video game console sound chips for creative control and authentic sound.  Includes over 400+ Free Presets, including 240+ raw “Starter” sounds to make your own signature sound!


  2,500+ samples and 240+ Multi-sampled PCM sources to inspire you
  Standalone app & iOS AUv3 Plugin
  Over 350+ presets to inspire you
  Fun free-running step sequencer
  16-bit Synth, Drum, and Sound FX sounds included
  Over 1 GB of sounds compressed to under 1520 Mb
  Use with MIDI keyboard
  Use as an AUv3 (AudioUnit Plugin) in iOS DAWs such as Logic, GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM, more
  Step Sequencer with “Magic Gate”, variable divisions, multiple oscillator & layer destinations
  On board RECORDING – easily record your melodies, and sounds and export!
  LFO: Multiple waveforms + Re-trigger + 2 Destinations
  Full ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release for each layer)
  Ableton Link and so much more…

Learn more on the official SNESynth page.


Sale Price: $2.99 / Reg $14.99

Learn more and watch videos on the official SNESynth page.

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