NEW APP, SAGA SYNTH Released by Audiokit, Brian Funk, & Cem Olcay

SAGA Synth is the first of the next generation of AudioKit Pro apps, written from the ground up with a focus on playability and amazing sound. We’ve added rock-solid sequencer timing, improved AUv3 support, easy standalone recording, and much more. It’s created with lots of love.

SAGA Synth is a collaboration with Ableton guru Brian Funk. The app was created by sampling 5 different vintage hardware YM2616 sound chips. The samples were so expressive, it was hard to finish the app because we spent so much dang time playing it!


• Standalone app & iOS AUv3 Plugin
• Over 300+ presets to inspire you
• Fun free-running step sequencer
• 16-bit Synth, Drum, and Sound FX sounds included
• Over 600+ Mb of sounds compressed to under 150 Mb
• Audio recording, record your sounds then export wav files! No other apps needed
• Use as an iOS Plug-in in hosts like GarageBand, AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker 3, and more
• Use with MIDI keyboard or iOS MIDI host
• Ableton Link, and more

The beta testers were so inspired that they made over 350+ presets. Big thanks to MobyPixel, Electronisounds, Red Sky Lullaby, Gavinski, The GarageBand Guide, DJ Puzzle, The Audio Dabbler, Sound of Izrael, Marc Hupkens, AnalogMatthew, Brian Funk, Shazaam the Producer, and more.

Besides the sound designers, there are lots of developers to thank for this one: Lead developer “Analog” Matthew Fecher has spent months re-writing code, along with essential code from Cem Olcay, Shane Dunne, and of course AudioKit library creator Aure Prochazka. Special thanks to Taylor Holliday and Moby Pixel for contributions that have made this one of the best AudioKit Pro apps yet.

Learn more on the official SAGA SYNTH page.

Get SAGA SYNTH now for iPhone & iPad:

Intro Price: $2.99 until Feb 5th / Reg $14.99

This is a bold start for 2023. Thanks, everyone.

Learn more and watch videos on the official SAGA SYNTH page.

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