NEW APP, KING OF BASS: Analog Synth + Sub + Kicks

KING OF BASS is our new bass synth, sub, 808 bass, and kick-maker app. Under the hood, it packs a powerful “real” synth engine. The app features the AudioKit open-source oscillators, including Pulse-width modulation. Plus, it’s the first AudioKit Pro app with one-shot LFOs (watch the video above to learn more).

Additionally, this app is packed with exclusive original samples from hardware analog synths and over 300+ Presets to inspire you, including 100+ “Starter” sounds to make your own signature sound!

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect 808, analog synth, or a sub to fatten your sound, this app may make your music more POWERFUL!


It also makes some pretty nice analog synth sounds. As demonstrated above in Red Sky’s review.

That’s not all – it’s more than bass, with the KICK IT! button you can easily make perfectly tuned, original kicks with the custom kick maker.

Analog Synth + 808s + Subs + Kicks
Make ‘em all, Fast and Easy!

Sure, it has lots of features. But, IMHO, I think the best thing about this is the Sound. It sits nice. And, hits hard. Plus, it’s almost too easy to make warm, rich analog bass and 808s that shake the room!

Learn more on the official KING OF BASS page.

Get KING OF BASS now for iPhone & iPad:

Intro Price: $3.99 / Reg $9.99

Learn more and watch videos on the official KING OF BASS page.

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