NEW APP, Jam with Jordan Released. Created with Audiokit & Jordan Rudess

We’re honored to have worked with Grammy-winner Jordan Rudess on our latest app, Jam with Jordan.

This is the first AudioKit Pro app we’ve created with the SwiftUI programming language. And, we tried to create an app that was more “iOS-centric” and not based on traditional gear. It’s almost like a game. It’s a chance to “Jam with Jordan”

Creating the app inspired us to create several free & open-source SwiftUI libraries and tools you can use in your own app. We made you a music theory library, node editor, controls, keyboards, and more. You’re free to create any app you want, without restrictions, from the source code.

Who is Jordan in “Jam with Jordan”?
Jordan Rudess has been voted the best living keyboard player in the world for two consecutive years in the annual Music Radar poll. From David Bowie to Dream Theater to Deep Purple, he’s played keys for legend after legend. And, he’s a super nice guy. Surprisingly cool for a music prodigy (Not that we meet a lot of them). We loved working with him. And, learned so much.

We hope you enjoy the app as much as we enjoyed making it!

Get Jam with Jordan now for iPhone & iPad

Intro Price: $2.99

Learn more about the app at the official Jam with Jordan page.

It’s perfect for kids and people exploring music-making. Create and play chords, drums, lead, and bass sounds!
Explore iOS music-making with this fun and original concept.

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How does it work when it comes to copyright? Can i generate and tweak a tune and put it under my youtube video without any problems if i have it monetized?

All the output of the app is copyright free, so you’re free to do whatever you’d like with it! Of course, we encourage everyone to be as original as possible 🙌

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