Moodles, Built with AudioKit


Chris Mendez and his team created an instrument app for kids using AudioKit for the non-profit classical radio station Classical KUSC.  Moodles makes it fun and easy to create, record and share original music with friends — no real instruments or classes required.

Using simple controls, kids can record a “musical doodle” on their computer or mobile device while Moodles animates it, turning music into the ultimate form of play.

The first audio-visual instrument of its kind, Moodles was designed to inspire the next generation of digital musicians by pushing the boundaries of music production.

“AudioKit is the best library for managing MIDI, synthesis, and sound.” — Moodles team

Source Code:
They even open-sourced a portion of their app to help encourage music creation within the arts community.
They posted example code showing how to use MIDI with the AudioKit framework and Swift:

Moodles :

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