Pitchronome, Built with AudioKit

Pitchronome – Tuner | Metronome | Drone.
Simple & Beautiful All-In-One Practice Tool.

Built with AudioKit

Minimal, single-screen interface. Great for tuning your guitar, practicing your cello, or singing that high note at just the right time.

• Never switch between screens (or apps).
• Tuner/Drone on top, Metronome down below.

The Metronome & Pitch Generator work *at the same time*
Individual volume controls let you balance them to your liking.

Joseph Hosford, Pitchronome’s creator, says of AudioKit:

It is hard to overstate how incredible AudioKit is. With it now in Pitchronome it allows me to focus more on user experience.

Congratulations, Joseph!

Website: https://www.pitchronome.com/
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pitchronome-tuner-metronome-drone/id951356535?mt=8

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