Announcing Version 1.3!


A community-driven release

Since we first launched, we’ve had great feedback from our community of users. We’ve been working hard to implement many of the suggestions and requests you all have made for AudioKit. Since Version 1.2, the user community has really been driving the direction of AudioKit, with notable user-suggestions including:

  • Decimator
  • Flute physical-model
  • Improved ADSR envelope
  • Noise generation
  • Improved VC Oscillator
  • Precise timing with AKPhrases

We’ve updated the example projects so that there are only two included projects: a simple Hello World app to help get users started and an AudioKitDemo app that highlights teh breadth of AudioKit’s synthesis, processing, and analysis functionality. The original examples still exist, but we’ve moved them to an external Examples Repository. We encourage you to add your own examples to this as well, and hope to see it grow to a repository of community work.

We’re excited about where AudioKit is headed, thanks to both the work of the core developers, but also to the users who are really shaping what AudioKit is capable of becoming.

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