Limited Edition Apps and Sub Bass 808 Synth Announced

Hello to my friends and fellow musicians,

Hope you are healthy and safe. These are trying times, and I hope you’re able to take care of yourselves. I’m typing this from Atlanta, miles away from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and if you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the situation you could use products like mr gelatti strain that will help you relax a little bit.

Because times are hard, we need positivity and creativity more than ever. 

Since starting my app making journey years ago (AudioKit Synth One), I’ve dreamed of making a series of limited edition instruments. I’ve always been inspired by the Jupiter-8. There were only around 3,000 units made. But it changed music forever. How could we do that for you?

For the past year, we’ve been working on a series of 10 Limited Edition Bonus apps. The idea was to make each special bonus app available you for a short period of time (2 weeks) much like a limited edition vinyl run.

These “bonus” apps are in addition to even more NEW apps we have coming for you this spring and summer.

We want to get these apps out to you as soon as possible. We’re releasing this first bonus boutique app today, with extended availability for at least 8 weeks to give everyone the chance to get in on the fun. And, if you’ve lost your job and really need an AudioKit app, you can email me personally for a promo code.

The first app in the seres is a Sub Bass 808 Synthesizer app for only $2.99 that allows you to easily create your own speaker-shaking bass and 808 kicks with a few knob twists. It’s available now.

And, the next limited edition app drop after this one will be completely free.
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Answers to your questions about this new limited series.

What happens if I get a new iPhone or iPad?
The limited edition apps you have already have will remain in the app store. You’ll always be able to download them for free on current and new devices as long as you use the same iTunes account.

What happens after the app drop time availability is over?
The apps will remain in the App Store so that you may download updates. After the “app drop”, the price in the app store will go to the maximum price tier. As long as you keep the same iTunes account, you may download updates and copies to new devices, no extra charge!

Will the apps still be updated?
The apps will be updated for new iOS versions, to ensure that your limited edition apps continue to work as iOS technology progresses.

Will the apps support iPhone?
We will try to make most of these apps universal. We’re planning a free universal upgrade to the Bass 808 Synth. While the app is currently iPad only, an iPhone version is on the way and will be available while the app is still on sale.

Will there be open-source? 
We plan on open-sourcing as much as we can. Some of the code developed for this app has already been added to AudioKit, for all developers to use in their projects, free of charge.

Can I transfer the app to another person?
Currently, Apple does not allow that. However, whomever has access to your iTunes account can use the app.

Are you still working on your existing apps?
Yes! We are still working on improving all our apps, including Synth One, D1, and FM2. The technology developed as a part of these limited edition apps will help improve all our apps.

Will you release the apps again in the future?
We’ll try to release the apps for a short window at least once a year for those who might have missed them the first time. Join our mailing list to get emailed when they’re released!

More questions? Email us.

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope these new bonus apps will be as fun for you as they are for us to make them. Stay creative and healthy,

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Just dowloaded after watching the video.
I try to use bass 808 with korg gadget and the Taipei module wich usually do that but i can’t use it as a AUv3 module within it. I tried with diifferents midi mapping but no chance.
Is there a way to use it inside Gadget?


Hi, there is no option to do that. But you could run it into AUM and record a wav file, them you will be able to get it into gadget using Zurich audio gadget

Wow. Just last night in The Sound Test Room someone was suggesting I drop £150+ on hardware clone- and now this happens! Within ten minutes had a new track running in AUM with two instances of this little beauty. If the other nine are up to this standard then 2020 won’t be a total horror show after all…

That is amazing to hear! Thank you so much and hope you are able to create speaker-busting bass with the Bass 808!

Looking forward to the iPhone editions (especially this Bass 808 as I’ve been producing my first self involved hip hop/trip hop album after being only a producer, and mainly doing vocals in heavy metal projects but I’ve been honing my craft lyrically for a couple years and while I make the majority of my songs entirely between iOS Garageband, FL Studio Mobile and Auxy Mobile, I also use my PC for FL Studio 20 and my MacBook Pro for Logic Pro x. But I find I’m using my traditional computers less often and more so my iDevice as technology and software continue to push limitations so definitely interested in getting this Bass 808 for iPhone, and any chance it will be able to be used as an instance within Garageband or only Interapp available (I have AudioBus3)

Thanks, we’re gonna try to make sure the iPhone version works within the iPhone version of GarageBand as an AUv3!

I am fortunate enough to have a bit of work from clients still coming home, so I passed it forward and bought your app to support you in any small way I can. I love your work!

Thank you so much for your support!

I am blown away by Bass 808, and love the limited edition concept. I’m old enough to remember when the original 808 was released, but I was I broke Kid in my early teens. 40 years later and it still makes me smile.

Thank you so much for making life in lockdown so much better 🙂

Thank you so much! And, it’s an honor that this app lives up to your memory. Hope you’re able to make some deep bass with this!

The App Store isn’t functioning correctly for this particular purchase. I click on the $2.99 oval to purchase, and it briefly looks like it’s going to begin downloading, or asking me to sign in, and then it goes back to a solid blue oval. I tried other purchase and free apps and their all working.

Hi Frank! Thank you. That sounds frustrating? That’s usually a an Apple App Store glitch. Typically, Apple resolves those pretty fast. Might try again in a bit? Sometimes it takes Apple awhile to fully populate new apps in all regions of the world. Thank you again, and I appreciate the note.

i have the same issue… when it was just out and still today.
i’d love to purchase!
trying from the netherlands

and just succesfully purchased, very cool app, you did it again!

I’m so enthusiastic about these limited apps but I don’t have an iPad currently (will get one soon) and I can’t buy them on my iPhone or anywhere else… 🥺

Hi there, 🙂
We’re working on the iPhone version of Bass 808 and it will be out by Mid April!
Thanks so much

I bought this and my 9 year old girl has been making some bass ! Looking forward to the next drop .

Thanks so much, Darren! We appreciate your support. And, hope your daughter makes some great songs 🙂

Please let me know where the recording function as pictured .on iPad for bass 808 I have just. Purchased and cannot see the same red button on top with forward .

Hey Oliver, thanks for asking!
That picture is an example of using the app as AU plugin in GarageBand. The recording button is in GarageBand. GarageBand is a free download in the app store and here’s how you can use Bass 808 inside of it:

Didn’t get a copy. super bummed!

Bummer! But, we’ll release the apps again at least once a year 🙂
I’d recommend joining our mailing list
to get notified. And, stay safe!

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