AudioKit Powered Instrument Wins the Guthman Competition


The Guthman Competition has been called the “Pulitzer Prize” for musical instruments. Every year, creators from all over the globe come to the competition and showcase their new creations. This year featured two instruments powered by AudioKit, the Electrospit ESX-1 and the Skoog Instrument.

The grand prize this year was won by the “Electrospit ESX-1 Mobile Talkbox”. It was created by Bosko Kante, a talented mechanical engineer and Grammy-winning producer. The beta of the instrument and app have already been used by Bruno Mars, Teddy Riley, Chromeo, David Guetta, Skrillex, and more.

Bosko (ESX-1 Creator) and AudioKit Founder, Aure Prochazka, PhD

Bosko Kante is working closely with Aure Prochazka (founder of AudioKit) to fine-tune the companion app. The AudioKit powered app & hardware work together to create a powerful and expressive musical instrument. It’s hard to describe just how good it sounds. This video will help:

Also at the competition, Skoog co-creator Ben Schogler demonstrated a new hardware instrument that sends MIDI with magnets. The instrument can connect to an iPhone and send MIDI without WIFI or cables. In fact, there’s no power connection required!

It’s really exciting stuff. And, powered by AudioKit.

Congrats to all the participants and contestants!

You Learn more about the instruments below:
Electrospit ESX-1 and Skoog Instrument.

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