Billboard’s #1 “Song of the Year” uses AudioKit powered app

It’s official! We were excited to learn that Billboard’s #1 song of the year, Dua Lipa’s Levitating proudly uses an iPhone app built with AudioKit. The song was also in Spotify’s 2021 Top 5 streamed songs worldwide. It’s amazing to see iOS music-making going mainstream.


The AudioKit app is featured prominently in the chorus of the song. Below is a pic of one of the performers on Dua’s chart-topping track, Bosko Kante, using the app. He worked with AudioKit founder, Aure Prochazka, to create the app to be expressive and musical.

The new app has also been used with Chromeo, David Guetta, and more!

You can learn more about the app and hardware below:
Electrospit ESX-1

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AudioKit best thing since industrial revolution for music. Newcomers and old musicians alike will love the prices .
Fantastic idea I wish you all the best of luck but you will not need it.
Cheers all stay safe and keep up the great work.

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