FREE Retro Piano App Released! + AudioTune Pitch Correction

Hello friends and fellow musicians,

Hope you are healthy and safe. The past weeks were difficult for all of us. Like you, we watched what was unfolding around the world. Our team and contributors have been marching, supporting, and donating.

Additionally, music is one thing that has the power to unite us all. We wanted to do something for musicians (and would-be musicians) to make the summer a little brighter.

We’re releasing a completely free iPhone/iPad app for the entire summer of 2020. This is a limited edition app that will only be available to download in June, July, August this year. Something special for everyone living, believing, and making music through these hard times. Something special for you.

Retro Piano is a great sounding app that instantly creates a vintage and nostalgic emotional sound. You can learn more about it and download it free here.

Plus, we’re releasing another limited edition app today.

If you need a laugh, watch this It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia parody above.

AudioTUNE: Limited EDition APP

Created by Daniel Kuntz, AudioTune is one of my favorite iOS Music apps, ever. It tunes audio, automatically. It’s fun, easy, and works like a charm. I’m honored that he chose to work with us:

Learn more about AudioTune!

Hope you all stay creative, safe, and healthy this summer,
– Matthew, Jeff, Aure, and the AudioKit team.


Answers to your questions about this new limited series.

What happens if I get a new iPhone or iPad?
The limited edition apps you have already have will remain in the app store. You’ll always be able to download them for free on current and new devices as long as you use the same iTunes account.

What happens after the app drop time availability is over?
The apps will remain in the App Store so that you may download updates. After the “app drop”, the price in the app store will go to the maximum price tier. As long as you keep the same iTunes account, you may download updates and copies to new devices, no extra charge!

Will the apps still be updated?
The apps will be updated for new iOS versions, to ensure that your limited edition apps continue to work as iOS technology progresses.

Can I transfer the app to another person?
Currently, Apple does not allow that. However, whomever has access to your iTunes account can use the app.

More questions? Email us.

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope these new bonus apps will be as fun for you as they are for us to make them. Stay creative and healthy,

Comments (5)

Thanks for these! You guys are awesome…

Thanks Larry!

Thank You All !!!
I just got my first iPad 7th Generation and I found your company and got the D1 first and it is able to create really beautiful sounds and laid out nicely for sound designs. Then I saw the Bass 808 and loved it , so cool that I saw that today another in the series of ten has dropped. Awesome Job Guys. Very pleased !!!
Joseph Wernier, Cape Cod, MA USA

Thanks Joseph, really appreciate your kind words. Hope you can make some beautiful music with these drops!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for these amazing apps, I’m really enjoying experimenting with all these new sounds. Although, I have a question: why AudioTune doesn’t appear in Garageband? I’m looking everywhere and it’s nowhere to be found. Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe I’m just dumb… =P

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