Chomplr by MSXII Audio, Built with AudioKit

MSXII audio has released Chomplr, packed with studio-quality sounds for your iPad. The Chomplr name is taken from “Chopping Rompler”, inspired by the popular workflow of using samples to make new works. Built with AudioKit, the app has a nostalgic flow, reminiscent of classic samplers like the legendary ASR-10.

MSXII is an innovative music tech company, famous for their products and sound design. You’ve probably heard their sounds on the radio and in the official sounds for Ableton and Native Instruments hardware. Chomplr brings that same sound quality to your iPad.

Previously we interviewed MSXII founder, MSimp. He shared his thoughts on the future of iOS Music. Plus he gave tips on how to make your music sound better.

Watch the interview above. Learn more about Chomplr here.
And, grab the expansive free manual. It’s full of great tips on how to use iOS apps as plugins.


Unique sample chopping rompler for iOS music making
Includes both standalone and AUv3 (plugin) capability
Compatible with Garageband, Beatmaker 3, AUM, Audiobus, Cubasis, iMPC, and many more hosts
Stock library of over 150 original, award winning samples by MSXII Sound Design. All royalty free within Chomplr.
 Built-in store with hundreds of samples to preview & purchase
Stock FX such as Lofi, Echo, Flanger, LP & HP filters, Drive, Reverb & Dirt
Chromatic sample mode allowing a sample chop to be played across keys
Sample editing parameters, per chop, such as Start, End, Attack, Release, Tune, Vol, Pan, Loop, and Reverse

Download Chomplr:

Learn more at

MSXII has also released two other great apps: Lo-Fly Dirt and Fly Tape.

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I’m sorry if my comment isn’t in the right location. I am a fan of AudioKit. A friend told me about AudioKit in 2016. I love that its free and has a huge community. The open source is such a great idea to keep the App moving in the right direction. I’ve been creating music since high school in 1989. What I would love to do with AudioKit is to make it a VST for PC or Mac with the same concept. Open Source.. So, that musicians all over the world can make new presets, fix bugs, and make the app the best they can. There is a problem though. I have no clue how to make this happen. Or if you would even allow it, since it is primarily a mobile App. But this idea just makes so much sense to me. It would be amazing if someone could make this happen. Thank you.

Of course, you have our blessing! We would love to see someone make Synth one for PC or Mac, especially if it’s also free & open-source

Why are you highlighting that the app is made my a “Black owned company”?

Why do you state in your recent email that has been sent out – “support Black companies”?

Would you feel it ok, to highlight that an app is made by a “White owned company” and tell people to support “White owned companies”?

Why does Race or colour of skin, need to be highlighted? It doesn’t! It only causes more division. Very disappointed that AudioKit seem to hold Racist views and are jumping on a bandwagon in order to sell more apps.

We highlight all apps made with AudioKit! If you made an app with AudioKit, you can email us at [email protected] and we will highlight it

Black companies and lives have systemically been discriminated against (especially here in the United States) and need extra support. #BlackLivesMatter

It is still a racist action. You can call it positive action. Feels like neo-colonialism to me.

I honestly cannot believe what I am reading right now!

Black companies and Black lives need “extra support”? So, you are giving a specific group, preferential treatment, based on their Race/skin colour ? You do realise that is pretty much the definition of Racism? It’s also incredibly patronising towards Black people.

You do understand that ALL races encounter Racism, not just Black people? You do realise that many groups of people suffer far worse systematic discrimination on a daily basis? Will you be highlighting and specifying apps “made by disabled people” and encouraging people to “buy from disabled owned companies”? Or are you just jumping on a bandwagon right now, to try and sell more apps?

Also, what happens to your stance, when people stop buying from your “white owned company” and start buying from “black owned companies”, as is now being promoted by people following the Black Lives Matter movement, that you seem to be rather misguidedly supporting.

This is a movement and Racist organisation, that misrepresents the views of many, many Black people and has ultimately set race relations back by decades. It has caused the destruction of many Black owned businesses in the US recently, along with many deaths of hard working Black police officers, all at the hands of Black Lives Matter protesters. This is a movement and organisation that is using a career criminal – convicted drug user, convicted drug addict, convicted armed robber, that held a loaded gun to the stomach of a pregnant Black woman, threatening her life and her unborn child’s life, in her own home, before repeatedly beating her in the face with it……as a poster boy for Black people and Black rights. There is zero evidence that George Floyd’s death was racially motivated, but a mountain of evidence that shows it was actually because of the life of crime HE chose for HIMSELF, mixed with the drugs he was high on, and Police Brutality. Police Brutality, again, affects all races, not just Black people. Anyway, is that really what you want your company and products associated with?

I’ll ask again, and I would also ask that you give this some serious thought……….would you highlight an app as “made by a white owned company”? Would you promote buying apps by stating “support white owned companies” ?

@Dessie. The fact that this makes you “very disappointed” is telling. You may also want to look up the definition of ‘racist’.

Other than that. Great work AudioKit fam. I got a few of the apps already, even the ‘white’ ones. This one is getting added to the collection. Been looking for that ASR-10 feel on my Ipad!

I”m disappointed because making a point of highlighting someone’s race, is marking them out as being “different”. That is how Racism thrives. Giving a specific group preference, based solely on their Race, is again how Racism thrives. I’m also entirely aware of the definition of Racism thanks! What I find bizarre right now, is the unbelievable hypocrisy I’m seeing all over the place.

You are trying to tell me that if you saw a company such as Nike or Sony advertising their products as “made by whites, in a white owned company” and stating “support white made products, made by white owned companies” you wouldn’t see that as racist? Yeah right!

Who even cares if an app is made by a “Black owned company” or a “White owned company” anyway? Answer – Racists do! So, they can fund a company based on their Racial preference, or avoid a company based on discrimination. Why is this even being highlighted all of a sudden? I didn’t order a product a few weeks ago asking “Is this made by the Blacks? It is?!?! Oh great! Do you have any of those new Trainers in made by the Asians? Fantastic! Now, do you stock those new things that have just come out made by the Whites”?

World. Gone. Mad.

Not sure if some of these reply posts are by trolls or bots…

For everyone else reading:
Here in Georgia – multiple black people have been murdered. And our own team members, partners, and sound designers have been harassed and beaten right outside of where we create apps. Recently. This is an emergency issue.

We’re doubling down. Our team of contributors of asian, black, latin people stand together in supporting. Now, 100% of our merchandise profits this summer is going to support #BlackLivesMatter and the #LGTBQ community.

Additionally, our diverse team is working daily with professors at Martin Luther King’s alma mater and historically black colleges to create apps, release free code, and programs this year that will benefit the next generation of black leaders.

And, for the person who wondered about our support of apps for the disabled, here are a couple of projects the AudioKit core-team members have recently worked on to bring accessible music making to everyone:
And, we’ve got more on the way…

Hope you all stay creative and safe. And, please be civil to each other in the comments.

Racial Justice definition – Equal and fair treatment for ALL races. Equal opportunity for ALL races.

Making a point of highlighting and stating “support Black businesses” and “made by a Black owned business” is giving PREFERENCE to a specific Race and the OPPOSITE of Racial Justice! Which is why you don’t see “support White businesses” and “made by White owned companies” plastered everywhere. There would be uproar!

Just for the record…….“Black Lives Matter” is also in opposition to the definition of Racial Justice! It’s simply amazing how misguided all this nonsense is. Racial Justice would be – All Races Matter……or the even more inclusive version – All LIVES Matter. By the way, anyone who claims or believes that the statement “All Lives Matter“ is Racist, is quite frankly – an idiot of monumental proportions!

I digress…….you’ve still managed to avoid answering my very simple question! Which speaks volumes.

The links you’ve posted are great and good to see, but you also seem to have deliberately avoided the point that i was trying make. Which again speaks volumes.

Let me break this down for you, as for some reason you seem to think I’m a Bot or have some kind of Racist agenda…….

I would not buy from a business that highlights their products as being “made by a White owned business“. Nor would I buy from a company that encourages people to buy from “White owned businesses”. For obvious reasons! Would you?

For the same reason, I will not be buying from a company that highlights products as being “made by a Black owned business” and implores its customers to “support Black owned businesses”. Two wrongs do not make a right!

It’s supposed to be 2020. We’re supposed to be moving forwards in Unity as one, not moving backwards into Racial segregation. What next? Will you be updating your website with sections for “Blacks” and sections for “Whites”? If you honestly can not see, how highlighting Race and colour of skin, in the way that you have chosen to do, is a slippery slope that, actually creates an issue that never even existed before and will only lead to more division and thus more Racism, then I’m simply amazed.

I have been a musician for over 20 years now, and have been fortunate enough to do it Professionally for a number of those years. During that time I have worked with many people, of many diverse races and ethnicities from all around the world, many of whom have become good friends. I can safely say, that at no point, have ANY of us ever thought about buying products, based on what Race of people made them, or whether the company was owned by a certain Race of people, or whether we should give preference to a company based on Race. Why? Because none of us are Racist.

This is simply political correctness gone mad, and sadly is being carried out by a generation of clueless halfwits, that blindly follow what’s currently trending on Social Media, without realising its being pushed by sell-out celebrities, on behalf of the mainstream media and the powers that be. These people are not progressive, cool and edgy for following this nonsense. Nor are they well educated. They do, however, lack real life skills, common sense and critical thinking skills, whilst seemingly having a soft spot for Fascist values – eg they put certain Races and certain groups before individuals.

It’s crystal clear from your lack of response to specific questions I’ve asked, that you would never dream of highlighting your products as being “made by White owned businesses” and implore people to buy from “white owned businesses”, as it goes without saying that your company would be deemed Racist.

For that reason and all the above, plus the fact that I deplore hypocrites just as much as I deplore racists……..I shall not be buying or using anymore AudioKit products or be recommending them to others, from here on in.

Thank you for reading.

One love.

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