FormKey: New MIDI Controller, Built with AudioKit v5

formkey settings mock

FormKey is a new app by Brent Brinkley of Polyhedra. He hopes the app will inspire musicians with new ways to think about how to approach making music. The app is built with the upcoming AudioKit v5 open-source framework.

The playing interface? It’s unique and beautiful. Brent uses a variation of the Wicki-Hayden layout. (If you’re like me, you may have had to look that up). FormKey uses shapes to define notes. And colors to define octaves, using isomorphic keys to aid in pattern recognition. It makes playing and exploring new chords a fun exercise.

Developer Brent Brinkley describes how he uses AudioKit:

“AudioKit enabled me to build something I’ve had in my head for almost a decade now. FormKey is the first instrument based on a music language I created called Form. Without AudioKit there’s no way I would’ve been able to do this.”
– Brent Brinkley, Creator, FormKey

Brent shared with us that his next goal is to turn this MIDI Controller into a full fledged instrument, using AudioKit. Great job, Brent…we’re excited to see what’s next!

FormKey is available now in the App Store:

Learn more about FormKey at

Follow developer Brent Brinkley on twitter for updates:

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Hi. This is an interesting concept. I am explore using it as a MIDI controller.
But first I need to set it up on the iPad of iPhone to make sound.
What are the steps? I have Garage Band on iPad or some soft of native iPad sound would be great.

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